What is Review Bounce?

The world is swimming in products, some of them stellar, some of them so-so, and some of them SO not worth the money. How do you get the best of the best, each time you pull out your credit card? You go to Review Bounce, where our team recommends the perfect choice — so you can bounce the rest.

Our mission is simple and two-fold. We want to:

  • Save You Time: It’s frustrating when you spend hours and hours searching for the right product, comparing options and evaluating which one gives you the most value — only for your ultimate purchase to fail to live up to its promise.
  • Save You Money: It’s also frustrating when you make an investment in a product you thought would meet your needs — only to find that it’s not quite what you were looking for or what you wanted.

There’s no need to be frustrated. At Review Bounce, our team includes experts in specific areas who are constantly trying out new products so that you get the open, honest, behind-the-curtain information you need to make your best decision.

Meet our team below — and feel free to reach out to any of us directly using the contact information included.

Meet Our Team

Cora Velez

Home Décor & Managing Editor

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Hailey Flynn

Women’s Fashion, Health & Beauty

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Shawn Howard

Men’s Fashion

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Kate McCormick

Kitchen & Dining

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Dale Johnson

Tools & Home Improvement

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Tony Rivas

Computers & Electronics

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Avery Harrington

Books, Movies & Music

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Fallon Page

Entertaining & Holidays

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Tim Hawkins

Lawn, Garden & Patio

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Holly Butler

Women’s Sports & Outdoors

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Doug Holloway

Men’s Sports & Outdoors

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Olivia Bender

Kids & Babies

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With general questions, thoughts and ideas, you can reach out to us using our contact page. We’d love to hear from you!