I have a huge (and exciting) update for anyone who has or who wants an Apple TV. Can you watch Amazon Prime on Apple TV? The answser is now, yes, you can now stream Amazon Prime Video directly from the app inside Apple TV, rather than relying on the multi-device AirPlay method I outlined in this earlier post here on Review Bounce.

Apple CEO Tim Cook had promised this change earlier in the year. For streamers like me who use Hulu, Netflix and other services, the addition of Amazon Prime Video is absolutely HUGE.

I’ve been using Amazon’s Fire Stick, which I love. The Fire Stick is a lot less expensive than Apple TV, and it’s also easier to come by — I even got free same-day delivery with my Amazon Prime subscription.

But this change may inspire me to invest in an Apple TV for my bedroom.

So, what happens next? Expect Amazon to now start selling Apple TV. You can currently find Apple TV through the Apple Store, Best Buy, Target and other retailers. But, as of right now, you cannot get it through America’s favorite online retailer.

I image that’s soon to change given the addition of Amazon Prime Video’s app to Apple TV. Stay tuned …

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