A purse is a fashion accessory, sure. But a good purse also delivers the function you need. And when you’re going to be traveling or hitting a music festival or spending a day walking the city, you need a cross body bag pattern free that delivers both head-turning style and stress-reducing function.

When I needed a cross body bag this summer, I spent hours searching for the perfect option. I needed something that could go with me to New York City — a bag that can handle security at the airport, rides on the subways, as well as hours and hours of walking the streets of Manhattan. I also needed a bag that could go with me to the Austin City Limits Festivals in late summer/early fall.

What bag did I end up with? You’ll have to read to the bottom to find out. But I’ve also shared a few other really attractive options that might be your perfect fit if you need a cross body bag pattern free for something other than travel or a music festival.

As with so many products, there are tons of factors and considerations to take into account when you need a cross body bag pattern free. The two I would recommend focusing on:

  • Use: Where will you be using your cross body bag? If you need an everyday bag or something you can take to work, you’ll be looking for something far different than if you need a cross body bag for travel or a music festival.
  • Material: What type of material do you want? The material you focus on will ultimately influence how long your bag lasts and how much it will cost. The bags below are each made of a different kind of material. Make sure to read about each so you’re full informed before you pull the trigger on your favorite cross body bag pattern free.


5. Floto Women’s Roma Saddle Bag — Best Full Grain Option

Beautiful, functional, durable — the Floto Women’s Roma Saddle Bag in brown Italian calfskin leather is an outstanding choice when you need a cross body bag pattern free. You get leather of the highest quality, as well as a deep zip pocket, 2 multifunction smartphone pockets and a magnetic flap enclosure. This is a wonderful product when you need a cross body bag without patterns that looks great and delivers the value that can only come from years of use.

DimensionsMaterialMaximum Strap Length
11 x 8 x 3 inches
Full Grain Leather
68 inches

The Pros and Cons of Full Grain Leather

You can find leather products in basically 5 different leather types. Here’s a handy infographic on our post about the best top grain leather cocktail ottoman. And here’s a spoiler for you: You won’t find any better leather than full grain, which is the type of leather this Floto Women’s Roma Saddle Bag is made from.

The pros of full grain leather include:

  • Durability: Full grain leather isn’t sanded or buffed in any way, so you get the full thickness of the leather. This thickness is what makes full grain leather so durable. You can reasonably expect a full grain leather cross body bag pattern free to last a lifetime.
  • Patina: As full grain leather ages, you enjoy a beautiful patina that does not develop with lower quality leather. This is the classic leather sheen that brings back an old-world style and charm that is hard to capture in the 21st century.
  • Scent: Most consumers love the scent of real leather. It’s the scent you discover when getting into a brand new luxury vehicle. Full grain leather is where you’ll find this traditional leather scent, and this Floto Women’s Roma Saddle Bag has it.

The cons of full grain leather include:

  • Scuffs: Full grain leather is more prone to scuffing than its brethren — top grain leather. The good news about this cross body bag pattern free is that the tanning process the manufacturer uses make polishing out scuffs easy.
  • Weight: When you choose full grain leather, you get the full thickness — which is great for durability. But that full thickness makes a cross body bag pattern free just a little bit heavier than other options.

Do the Full Grain Pros Outweigh the Cons?

Only you can answer that question. You get unquestionable value out of a full grain leather cross body bag pattern free. It’s likely to last far longer than less expensive options. And this bag is available at a relatively inexpensive price given the quality of the materials — $135.20 as of this writing.

But you may be looking for a cross body bag pattern free that’s featherweight. If that’s the case, you may want to opt for one of the lighter options listed below. A full grain cross body bag can be a lot to carry around at a music festival or site seeing in Europe.

Is the Floto Women’s Roma Saddle Bag right for you?

Buy this bag if …

… you want the very best leather and a simple, durable cross body bag pattern free that will last a lifetime.

Pass on this bag if …

… you’re looking for something lighter and more affordable. The thickness of full grain leather can weigh you down, and you can save by choosing lower-quality leather bags.


4. Coach Women’s Leather Nomad Crossbody Bag — Best Everyday Option

Are you interested in a cross body bag pattern free to serve as your everyday purse? If so, this Coach Women’s Leather Nomad Crossbody Bag is a gorgeous option that’s available in 5 different colors: light saddle (pictured), burgundy, black, oxblood and aubergine (which is a mix of navy and deep purple). Coach is a designer brand, so you’re paying for the name on the bag as much as anything. But this is a beautiful, quality, versatile option that’s going to be just as comfortable going to the office as shopping on a Saturday afternoon.

DimensionsMaterialMaximum Strap Length
10 x 8 x 3 inches
Glovetanned Leather
42 inches

Choose Your Color

You are awash with options when you choose the look of this Coach Women’s Leather Nomad Crossbody Bag. I feel in love with the light saddle color, but you have five total options — each of which is versatile enough to pair with a number of different outfits. The light saddle and black options are the safest, but have a little fun and snag this bag in a more vibrant color.

Cross Body or Over Shoulder

You’re not locked in to using this bag as a cross body. The max-length 42-inch strap is detachable, which lets you convert this into an over-the-shoulder bag when needed. This is just one small function that makes this bag an everyday option — something you can run around with on a Saturday, wear out on at night, or even take to the office on a Monday morning.

Style and Function

I assume that you’re searching for a cross body bag pattern free specifically because you want something unadorned — a purse that’s beautiful in its simplicity. If that’s the case, you’ve found an unbeatable option here. I love the silhouette and shape of this bag, and the burnished leather makes it look and feel luxurious.

But what you gain in style you don’t lose in function. This bag features a zip top enclosure, plenty of space for your items, as well as multiple straps and strap lengths. When you need an everyday cross body bag, this is your choice.

Is the Coach Women’s Leather Nomad Crossbody Bag right for you?

Buy this bag if …

… You want stylish simplicity and a beautiful bag you can take almost anywhere, during sunlight hours or at night, no matter the day of the week.

Pass on this bag if …

… you’re looking for a more rugged bag that makes a perfect companion when traveling or spending your weekend at a music festival.


3. LaGaksta Ashley II Italian Soft Leather Shoulder Crossbody Bag — Best Festival Option

So you’re spending a day or even a weekend at a music festival where you’ll be walking nonstop, sipping on 24-ounce beers and trying to keep up with your stuff. You need the perfect cross body bag as a companion, and now you’ve found it: the LaGaksta Ashley II Italian Soft Leather Shoulder Crossbody Bag.

This bag is light and spacious, and it comes in a spectrum of two-tone colors, ranging from simple and straightforward (brown, black) to cheeky and fun (electric blue, turquoise-leather — which is pictured here). This is a cross body bag pattern free that is essential to the music festival experience. Get yours and make the most of your day (or weekend) full of music.

DimensionsMaterialMaximum Strap Length
10.6 x 9 x 2 inches
Corrected Grain Leather
50 inches

You’ll Love Your Color Options

You will love, love, love your color options with the LaGaksta Ashley II Italian Soft Leather Shoulder Crossbody Bag. You can choose from 16 different combinations. Snag one in a single-tone, traditional color like brown if you want a versatile bag that goes with almost anything. Or, instead, choose a more vibrant color for a pop that brings a little more excitement to a neutral outfit.

A Deep, Thin Pouch

You need to know: This bag doesn’t carry a ton of stuff. It features a nice, deep main pocket, but it’s pretty narrow and thin. You won’t be able to stuff a thick wallet into it. You’ll certainly be able to squeeze in your phone, some lipstick and some cash and credit cards. Those items will fit with ease. But you won’t be able to jam much more inside. That’s often all you need for a music festival or a similar event, but be forewarned that you can find more spacious cross body bag pattern free options if you need them.

Lower Quality Leather

This cross body bag pattern free is made from genuine leather, which is a euphemism for corrected grain leather. We offered a helpful infographic as part of our reviews for leather cocktail ottomans, which might be helpful to you. In short, corrected grain leather is nearly faux leather that uses artificial grains to create the surface, as well as staining to make the external leather look and feel more natural. There’s nothing wrong with correct grain leather — it tends to be more affordable than full or top grain. But it’s not going to last you as long as higher quality leather.

What’s unique about this specific bag is this: The leather is incredibly soft, and the leather aroma is incredibly strong. You don’t always get that with corrected grain leather, so this is a nice bonus. The leather just gets softer and softer over time, which makes for a nice, comfortable feel.

Is the LaGaksta Ashley II Italian Soft Leather Shoulder Crossbody Bag right for you?

Buy this bag if …

… you want a cute, tough bag that is light and easy to carry when spending hours and hours on your feet.

Pass on this bag if …

… you need more storage space and higher quality leather. This cross body bag pattern free is just enough for the essentials during a music festival or a similar event.


2. Dwellbee Small Leather Crossbody Bag — Best Budget Option

Depending on where you’re taking your cross body bag pattern free, you may not want to invest a ton of money. If you’re backpacking across Europe, you may want a bag that you can lose, damage or push to the limits without worrying too much about the investment. Or, if you’re headed to Coachella or Austin City Limits, you may want a bag that you’re not to worried about as you spend hours and hours on your feet, walking around and among a bunch of rowdy festival-goers.

In these cases, you need a budget cross body bag pattern free — something that looks good and gets the job done at a bargain-basement price. If this is your situation, I’d like you to meet the Dwellbee Small Leather Crossbody Bag, a quality option that delivers the style and function you want and need at a price so low you won’t believe it.

DimensionsMaterialMaximum Strap Length
8.5 x 6 x 2 inches
Top Grain Leather
54 inches

A Top Grain Leather Option

OK, so you’ve already seen full grain (the Floto bag) and corrected grain (the LaGaksta bag) options. Here’s a top grain cross body bag pattern free. Top grain leather is just a step below full grain leather on the quality scale. It’s been buffed and sanded, which makes the leather a little thinner and little less durable. But the buffing and sanding also makes the leather smooth to the touch and resistant to stains. This bag may not be as tough and durable as a full grain option, but it’s still made of high-quality leather — which is pretty impressive considering the budget price.

Two Simple Color Options

This bag comes in black and tan. That’s it. But what do you expect from a budget cross body bag pattern free? Think of it this way: If you’re going to a 3-day music festival, you can take this bag and match it with any one of a number of outrageous outfit options. It’s that versatile.

A Price That Can’t Be Beat

This bag is available right now for $29.95. Get your before they’re all gone. For top grain leather and a stylish bag that delivers the space you need, this is an incredible value that you won’t be able to beat. This isn’t the type of bag that you would take to work or out on a date, but it’s certainly worthy of inclusion in your collection of accessories given the affordable price tag.

Is the Dwellbee Small Leather Crossbody Bag right for you?

Buy this bag if …

… you need an inexpensive cross body bag pattern free that is ideal for traveling, music festivals and other events that put you on your feet for hours on end.

Pass on this bag if …

… you need something a little more elegant and versatile that you can put to good use outside of traveling and festivals.


5. Melie Bianco Byron Designer Convertible Crossbody — Our Top Pick!

This is the one that I feel most in love with — our top pick for best cross body bag pattern free. Why? It always starts with style, right? And I fell in love with the beautiful, pattern-free simplicity of this bag, as well as the multicolored tassel that adds the slightest hint of whimsy and intrigue. The price is pretty incredible, too: It’s available for only $29.99 right now. And here’s something small that I thought really sealed the deal: The bag is embroidered with a small quote along the opening. The brown version says, “Enjoy the little things.” The other two color options feature their own quotes.

When you’re into style, function and value as I am, this is the platonic ideal of a cross body bag pattern free. I just ordered mine. You can get yours here.

DimensionsMaterialMaximum Strap Length
10.5 x 6 x 2.8 inches
Vegan Leather
46 inches

What is Vegan Leather?

This purse is not made of real leather. It’s actually made of vegan leather, which is a material made to look like leather but that’s made using cork, cotton, paper and other materials. Vegan leather is certainly less expensive than real leather, which is reflected in the price of this cross body bag pattern free. And it’s also a great choice if you’re philosophically opposed to using animal hide to create shoes, luggage, bags, etc. Vegan leather is a little stiffer than traditional leather, and you won’t enjoy the same classic aroma as you will with real leather products. But it’s still a nice option.

Room for Your Things

You can find roomier bags, but this cross body option offers plenty of space for the essentials. You’ll enjoy access to a large main pocket that features a zipper, as well as an interior pocket that’s perfect for setting aside an oft-used item like a phone or keys. There’s no exterior pocket, which I like because it adds to the simplicity of the bag.

Choose Your Color

Pick from three different colors, each of which features a different inspirational/quirky quote embroidered just below the main pocket’s zipper. Here are the quotes:

  • Byron Saddle: “Enjoy the little things.”
  • Pink: “Escape the ordinary.”
  • Black: “I own too much black.”

I love everything about the Byron saddle option — quote included. Which is why it’s the one I bought.

Pattern-Free Perfection

Why search for a cross body bag pattern free? Because sometimes the most beautiful things are the most simple. I love a simple, unadorned bag, which is why I love this option from Melia Bianco. The look is great, the price is great, and even the tassel and embroidered quote add a little something extra that makes this a bag to be loved. You won’t find a better blend of value, style and function in a cross body bag pattern free than what you’ll find in the Melia Bianco Byron Designer Convertible Crossbody.

Is the Melie Bianco Byron Designer Convertible Crossbody right for you?

Buy this bag if …

… you want a beautiful, versatile cross body bag that offers plenty of room for your things as well as a simple and stylish silhouette and appearance.

Pass on this bag if …

… finding a bag made of real leather is one of your priorities.


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Final Thoughts on the Best Cross Body Bag Pattern Free

Hey, I know: A bag is an incredibly personal investment, and your idea of a fantastic cross body bag pattern free may be completely different than mine. I hope you can sort through your options above, though, and find one that meets your sense of personal style as well as the function that led you to look for a cross body bag in the first place.

Let us know what you end up buying by using the comments section below. Or, you can always reach out to us directly using our contact page.