Nothing looks or sounds more relaxing than taking a nap in a hammock on a perfect spring day. But setting one up sounds like more hassle than it’s worth to most people. Many wonder how to hang a hammock from a tree, but they give up before they even do any investigating — simply because the task sounds too complicated.

But hanging a hammock from a tree doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, not when you have a modern hammock. So here’s a look at everything you need to know about how to hang a hammock from a tree, plus a product recommendation if you haven’t found the perfect hammock yet.

I wish there were a simple formula for how to hang a hammock from a tree. But, in reality, getting the perfect hammock hang is a little it of trial and error. Thanks goodness for modern hammocks, which make trial and error easy.


3 Answers: Responding to Common Hammock Questions

Hanging a hammock from a tree should be pretty simple and straightforward, assuming you have a modern hammock to work with. When people are thinking about hanging a hammock from a tree, whether it be in a backyard, while camping, on the beach or somewhere else entirely, they tend to have 3 main questions. Here are those questions, along with their answers:

1. How Far Apart Should the Attachment Points Be?

The answer here is: It doesn’t really matter. If you have the right hammock, you should be able to adjust your setup to almost any distance between the two endpoints.

The more important thing to do is to find two sturdy attachment points. You want to use trees that don’t budge when you lean on them or push them. If trees start to lean with just a little bit of force exerted by a human, they are not safe for hanging a hammock. So, find two attachment points that don’t bend when you push and certainly that don’t sway in the wind.

2. How High Should a Hammock Hang so That My Butt Doesn’t Touch the Ground?

Here’s where things get a little trickier. The tendency is to want to hang your hammock so that it’s as flat and tight as possible. After all, one would think this approach would provide as flat a surface as possible.

But what you get when you hang a hammock flat and tight is a hammock whose walls crush you while in the hammock. And no one wants that.

So try to hang your hammock as loose as possible without letting it force you to sleep at a dramatic curve. You may have to do some testing here. If you have the perfect angle for a hammock (walls don’t crush you, and you’re not too curved) but your butt hits the ground, simply raise the attachment points on the trees or whatever you’re using to anchor your hammock.

3. What Knots Do I Need to Know?

With modern hammocks, you shouldn’t need any knot knowledge. Today’s hammocks are durable, inexpensive and comfortable, and they also feature straps that are pre-knotted and that simply slide around trees.

Best of all, when you have a hammock that requires no knots, testing the height and comfort is easy. You can simply loosen your anchor points and raise or lower them as needed.

Take the Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock, for example. This is a hammock that one person or two can use comfortably, and it’s fast and easy to hang and adjust as needed during the trial-and-error period when you’re trying to get things just right. It packs up and transports easily for camping or a trip to the beach.

You may have an old hammock that you find charming, but it’s not worth messing with the knots. Find something like the Double Camping Hammock from Winner Outfitters (which you can get for less than $30), and make things a whole lot easier.


Final Thoughts on How to Hang a Hammock From a Tree

If I leave you with only one thought, it would be this: Hanging a hammock from a tree is far easier than you think. And, if I could leave you with only two thoughts, the second one would be this: Hanging a hammock from a tree is SO worth the little bit of time and effort it requires.

When you have a hammock in your backyard, it expands your livable space and gives you a place where you can escape to read a book or to doze off for a little bit. So take the plunge, find a hammock you love, and find an ideal place to hang it at your home.

Do you have a different style of hanging a hammock from a tree? Let us know in the comments section below, or just send us a message through our contact form.