When I meet homeowners who are looking to add-on or otherwise expand, I always tell them to take a deep breath and wait. If you create have a patio or deck, you can add features and make improvements that give you an additional living space at a fraction of the cost of adding on.

And, if you don’t have a patio or deck, you can add one far more affordably than you would an extra room.

But it’s essential that you take care of your patio or deck, plus the items you keep on it. So, if you’re wondering how to protect your patio furniture and your patio itself, here are 3 easy ideas.


1. Furniture Covers

This is the easiest solution you’ll find. If you’ve invested in having nice patio furniture, it’s well worth the far smaller investment needed to secure patio furniture covers.

My wife and I have a nice patio furniture set that includes a couch, a love seat and a coffee table. We love spending time out there. We hate seeing the cushions get soaked and covered with fallen leaves, pollen and other icky stuff.

So we bought furniture covers. The covers weren’t designed for our specific furniture, but we were able to find affordable, generic covers at our local hardware store. They fit and work perfectly. They are waterproof, so our covers don’t get soaked, and they certainly protect against fallen leaves, pollen and the other aforementioned icky stuff. Find a product like this All Weather Protective Patio Furniture Sofa Cover, and never worry again about your patio furniture.

Also, I always keep a cover on my grill, too. Much like our furniture covers, I found a generic grill cover that fits my gas grill perfectly. It prevents rust and corrosion, and I’m counting on it extending the lifespan of my grill — which required a fairly significant investment.

Plus, it’s also nice to have a pristine workspace when you’re dealing with food. Who wants raw chicken near a rusty, dirty grill, right? A grill cover, just like patio furniture covers, is a no-brainer investment that provides value that far outpaces the cost. Find a good, affordable option like this Heavy Duty Barbeque Grill Cover from SueSport.


2. Wood Seals

For your deck itself, you can always consider a Trex material if you are looking at new installation. Trex is designed to look like real wood, but it is far more durable and requires far less maintenance. But, assuming you already have a real wood deck, you’ll want to use a sealant. You’ll find basically 2 types of sealants:

1. Preservatives

When you’re dealing with real wood, you’ll want to apply a product that preserves it. A wood preservative helps to prevent damage by fungi and bugs, and it also helps prevent any discoloration — which can make your deck look older than it is. Choose a product from a trusted name, like this Classic Clear Wood Preservative from Rust-Oleum.

Make sure that you follow the instructions and safety precautions when using wood preservatives. They are considered pesticides, and they can do harm to you and others if improperly handled.

2. Water Repellants

You’ll also want to use a water repellant, which is just as important as a wood preservative while delivering different benefits. A water repellant, as you might have guessed, prevents water from logging into your deck’s wood planks. If left untreated by a repellant, your wood will become soaked, which can lead to warping, cracking, swelling and discoloration. A product like this Wood Sealer and Water Repellant from Rainguard does the trick at an affordable price.

If you’re just now installing a wood deck, consider treating your wood with combo product that includes both preservative and repellent before painting. That way, your wood will enjoy protection that lasts until the paint fades away. If you already have a deck, apply a water repellant and reapply once every 1–2 years.

One last thought on both wood preservatives and water repellants: If you have wood furniture (like Adirondacks), you can use preservative and repellant on your furniture itself. This is sometimes more efficient than investing in a furniture cover, or you can use in tandem with furniture covers for maximum protection.


3. Awnings

Many of you may have some sort of overhang or covered patio, which is nice. But you may not have such a luxury, and you may not want to invest the time, money and energy into changing your roofline to add an overhang or covering. That’s why awnings are such an attractive alternative.

Awnings are far more affordable than permanent structures. They can be installed quickly, and they provide nearly the same benefits. Also, many awnings can be raised or lowered automatically. Check out this Retractable Deck Awning from Best Choice Products, which will help you see the possibilities of adding an awning. Not only do you enjoy protection from the sun during the hot summer months, your patio furniture and other belongings are protected from the elements.

Not interested in an awning? A more stylish solution might be sun shade sails like these from Shade & Beyond. These sun shade sails introduce unique and fashionable geometric lines to your backyard, and they provide much the same benefit as an awning. They can protect you from direct sunlight during summer months, and they can also protect your backyard or outdoor belongings from the elements. They come in different sizes and colors, and they are typically easy to install when needed and to take down when necessary, too.


Final Thoughts on How to Protect Your Patio Furniture and Your Patio Itself

There’s something magical about spending time outdoors, and it’s so much more magical when you have the right space for it. If you have a patio or deck, or if you’re considering adding a patio or deck, take advantage of these furniture- and patio-protecting products and ideas to ensure that you have an ideal outdoor space that’s just as accessible and usable in the hot summer months as it is through of winter.

Also, remember that a deck or patio (and the furniture you put on it) represents an investment. As with any investment, you should want to maximize your return, which is why protecting your patio furniture and your patio itself should be a high priority.

Do you use different ideas to protect your patio and its furniture? Let us know via our contact page or by using the comments section below.