You own a pocket knife because you want to be ready for anything, right? But you don’t always have access to a sharpener, which means your blade may be too dull to be much help. For those moments when you need a little help, here’s a look at how to sharpen a pocket knife without a stone.

Open Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

Thankfully, there’s a fast and easy way to sharpen a pocket knife (or any knife for that matter) without needing a sharpening stone. Just open up your kitchen cabinets and find ceramic or porcelain dishware.

Dishes often include a ring around the bottom that helps stabilize them on surfaces. You’ll want to turn the dish upside down and slide your knife’s edge at a 20-degree angle on the dish ring. Believe it or not, this will sharpen your blade to a fine point.

When you’re done sharpening, simply rinse your knife off, dry with a towel, and you’ll be ready to go. Here’s a quick video that shares this simple process:

What Types of Dishes Work Best?

You can use almost any type of dish that features the ring around the bottom. Use bowls, plates or coffee mugs. Coffee mugs are my go-to knife sharpener because they are small and light, and they also have a handle for stability.

But use whatever’s handy and whatever works best for you. Of course, dishes only need to serve as a temporary solution. You can find a real knife sharpener for just a few bucks at your local hardware or sporting goods store, and you can get one shipped right to your front door using Amazon or a similar service.

Looking for a Knife?

You now know how to sharpen a knife without a stone. But do you need a knife to sharpen? We recently wrote about the best budget pocket knife options on the market. Check it out, and find a quality pocket knife that meets your needs.

Do you know of a different trick for sharpening knives? Let us know in the comments section, or send us a message directly using our contact page.