Hey, I’ve got wonderful news if you’re on the hunt for a red, white and blue one piece bathing suit: It’s not too late to get yours in time for the Fourth of July.

I decided early last week that I wanted incredibly patriotic swimwear for Independence Day. So I ordered 7 different one piece options, tried them all on, sent all but 1 of them back, and then I sat down to write this review.

Only 5 of the 7 were what I would call “quality” swimsuits, so those are the only ones I’ll write about here. Bathing suits are incredibly personal. For example, you may prefer a 2-piece, in which this post won’t help you much. I do make a recommendation for the best red, white and blue one piece bathing suit, but any of the options below is going to look and feel great — you just have to choose the best for your personal style and preferences.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at the 5 best red, white and blue bathing suit options for this Fourth of the July — plus my recommendation for the best of the best.

I was absolutely dead set on find a 4th of July bathing suit. But, outside of that, I certainly wanted to find something that’s in-style for summer 2017.

One pieces are in style. Retro-looking bathing suits are in style. Stripes are in style. Full coverage fronts with low backs are in style. Bright colors are in style (rainbows, mostly, but we’re stuck with our 3 colors). One-shoulder one pieces are in style, too, but I couldn’t find one in a red, white and blue color scheme.

What you see below may not fit your personal preference. But I did my best to find something that’s unapologetically American, something perfect for the Fourth of July, while also adhering to what’s “in” in 2017.


1. PERONA Women Sport Stripe Lace-Up Back — Our Top Pick!

I fell in love with this bathing suit the minute I saw it, and it did not disappoint in person. What’s so great about it? I love three things about it:

A Sexy One Piece: One piece bathing suits get a bad wrap — I think they’re seen as too modest. But this one offers the plunging back and lace-up, which is a nice detail.

Not Too Patriotic: OK, so we’re looking for a red, white and blue one piece bathing suit, right? It’s important to me that it be obvious to see the swimsuit is a way to get into the holiday spirit without going over the top, as other options below do.

The Perfect Feel: This is a sporty swimsuit, and it just feels good to wear around. It’s comfortable. I much prefer the nylon/spandex mix to the cotton blend that another option offers. I want to be comfortable poolside on the Fourth of July, and this is certainly a comfortable bathing suit — without sacrificing in other areas.

BrandMaterialShipping Weight
82% Nylon, 18% Spandex
7.2 ounces
One word of warning before you get too excited about this suit: I think I might have gotten the last one. It’s showing as out of stock, which makes perfect sense given that the Fourth of July is upon us and I’m certainly not the only one on the hunt for the best red, white and blue one piece bathing suit. Check back as I’m sure they’re going to restock. And sorry if I got the last of the item I’m recommending … Not cool, huh?

What Makes it so Comfortable?

I found myself wearing this suit around my place, it felt so comfortable. What did I like about it? It’s light and it’s flexible, which is nice. It’s secure — I never felt like any part of myself that shouldn’t be exposed was about to be exposed. Also, you get removable pads, and there’s no wire to dig into you in all the wrong places. This suit is clearly made for activity. I find that most “active” bathing suits are as cute as you want them to be, which is why I’m so thankful to find this one.

Cute Design, Flattering Silhouette

You don’t have to fear these horizontal stripes. Looking in the mirror, I loved the look of my silhouette. I have a full figure, too, and this is the type of suit that makes a full figure look good. (Don’t be fooled by the model in the picture … I’m not anywhere close to that skinny, but I really liked the way I looked.) This bathing suit is really checking all the boxes: cute, flattering, comfortable.

Hand Wash Only

This isn’t too terribly surprising for a bathing suit, but this item is hand wash only. It’s a pain, yes, but lots of bathing suits are hand wash only, and it’s certainly not a reason to move this PERONA suit out of the top spot.

You may not want stripes, and you may not like the look of this suit. But I tried on 7 different options, and this one was far and away the best. Maybe that’s why it’s no longer available? Good news on that front, though: There are other really, really great red, white and blue one piece bathing suit options below. Keep reading, and maybe you’ll find one you love even more.

Pros and Cons of the PERONA Women Sport Stripe Lace-Up Back

Pros of the PERONA Women Sport Stripe Lace-Up Back:

  • Cute color scheme
  • Hits the 4th of July note without going over the top
  • Incredibly comfortable and flattering in all the right places

Cons of the PERONA Women Sport Stripe Lace-Up Back:

  • Hand wash only
  • Is it sold out?
  • Seriously, I’m going feel really bad if this item is no longer available and here I am recommending it


2. JOYMODE Backless Athletic One Piece Swimsuit

I tried to think about what’s most important to me in a red, white and blue one piece. I came up with a few priorities, including something that’s cute and classy, something that’s not too modest and not too revealing, as well as something that’s comfortable. This suite by JOYMODE is one of only 2 that I ordered that truly checked all of those boxes. I fell in love with the print when I opened the package, and it didn’t disappoint when I put it on.

So, why is it No. 2 on this list? Well, some product has to be No. 2. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this one, and perhaps the best aspect is that it’s currently shown as in stock. If you’re testing out different red, white and blue one piece options (as I did), this one certainly demands to be tried on.

Give it a shot — especially if the PERONA suit is still out of stock when you’re reading this.

BrandMaterialShipping Weight
82% Polyester, 18% Spandex
Not available
This is a bathing suit that comes so achingly close to taking the top spot. It’s comfortable, but it’s not quite as comfortable as the PERONA option. It’s cute, but it’s not quite as cute (or sexy) as my top choice. It’s also inexpensive, but it costs more than my preferred option. I love the suit, and it’s hard to point out anything wrong with it. But it just wasn’t good enough for the top spot.

A Print to Die For

There’s something cute and innocent about the print of this suit. First of all, I love the navy piping. And then the white dot with red floral detail is just gorgeous. I mentioned at the top that stripes are “in” in 2017, but so too are florals. This isn’t a strong floral, but it’s definitely on trend. When you slip into this bathing suit, you’re definitely going to get some compliments and at least one, “Where’s that from?”

The Perfect One Piece Cut

I’ve already mentioned that I love one piece bathing suits that are just sexy and revealing enough to be interesting. This is largely a function of the cut, and this red, white and blue bathing suit delivers the perfect one piece cut. It offers a plunging back, and well-balanced top and bottom cuts — not too high and not too low. Different bodies are going to fill out cuts differently, but this is just about the best it gets in my book.

Too Much Blue, Not Enough Red and White

I really wanted a patriotic bathing suit that said “Happy Fourth!” right off the bat. This red, white and blue bathing suit is just a little more subtle on the patriotism front. Nothing wrong with that, and I would even consider getting it regardless of the holiday. But it didn’t hit the right note for this purchase, though it is a solid runner-up.

This could easily be our top choice, and it’s definitely worth a look for one reason: It is currently in stock. I would get this bathing suit regardless of the holiday at hand. But I was on the hunt for a balanced red, white and blue one piece, and I wasn’t going to settle for anything less. It didn’t turn out to be my perfect patriotic option, but I can heartily recommend it if you fall in love with the design.

Pros and Cons of the JOYMODE Backless Athletic One Piece Swimsuit

Pros of the JOYMODE Backless Athletic One Piece Swimsuit:

  • A darling print that’s incredibly classy
  • The perfect cut for a one piece
  • Comfortable, athletic feel when worn

Cons of the JOYMODE Backless Athletic One Piece Swimsuit:

  • Too much blue
  • Not enough red and white
  • Hand wash only


3. Lashaper Women’s Patriotic American Flag Swimsuit

Remember how I said some red, white and blue one piece bathing suit options are a bit “over the top”? Yep, this is one of those over-the-top options. But I also know that this is exactly what some of you are looking for, and I’m here to tell you that you won’t find a better American flag-style one piece. (One of the ones I’m not reviewing was American flag-style, and it paled in comparison.)

This bathing suit is like something out of an awesome 80s movie. Roadhouse, maybe? When I was looking in the mirror, I kept thinking: It must take a certain kind of personality to wear this bathing suit. Call me modest, call me boring. I just don’t think that’s my personality. Read on to learn more about this suit and its pros and cons.

BrandMaterialShipping Weight
Cotton Blend
Not available
Hey, this suit just wasn’t for me. I wanted a red, white and blue one piece bathing suit, but I didn’t want something so over the top. This felt (and looked) a lot more like a gag gift than a legit bathing suit. Are you looking for a gag gift? Maybe it’s perfect. If not, I would take a pass.

A Modest One Piece

I mentioned earlier that I like sexy one pieces — bathing suits that don’t play to the one piece’s reputation as being overly modest. I fear that this suit is overly modest. The cuts are low on bottom and high on top, and the back is more of a U shape rather than plunging. I’m not looking to show too much skin, but this option is just a little too buttoned up for me. Also, and this could just be my shape, but it felt almost baggy through the rear. As mentioned, I’m full figured, so it’ not like I need a steak to fill out a bathing suit bottom.

Uncomfortable Cotton

I much prefer the feel of nylon-spandex options. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with cotton, but it just doesn’t put you at ease and make you as comfortable as you want to feel in a bathing suit. I didn’t get this one wet, but if felt as though the discomfort would only get worse once immersed in water.

Little Support, Transparent White

You typically get what you pay for. This red, white and blue one piece bathing suit is certainly inexpensive, but you also find out why when you put it on. It offers little to no support. There’s no lining. And the material is so thin I worried I might tear it before I had the chance to return it. Some buyers have reported that the white turns transparent when the suit gets wet, which wouldn’t surprise. I didn’t want to get it wet, though, as I had already decided it wasn’t going to make the cut.

This is a cheap product, and that’s exactly what some people are looking for with a red, white and blue one piece bathing suit. If you want an American flag suit to get a few laughs on the Fourth, this is a great, inexpensive path to go down. It might also be great for costumes and other events where the American flag design comes in handy and the suit itself doesn’t need ot get wet.

Pros and Cons of the Lashaper Women’s Patriotic American Flag Swimsuit

Pros of the Lashaper Women’s Patriotic American Flag Swimsuit:

  • Ideal American flag design
  • Hard to beat the price
  • Colors show up bright and vibrant

Cons of the Lashaper Women’s Patriotic American Flag Swimsuit:

  • The cotton blend material isn’t as comfortable as other options
  • The cut is on the modest end for a one piece
  • The material feels thin, and some have reported the white turns transparent when wet


4. Passionate Adventure Pro One Piece Backless Tribal Swimsuit

This option from Passionate Adventure is simple and classic. It definitely delivers the Fourth of July feel without going over the top, and it fits somewhere between the PERONA option and Lashapear option on the comfort scale.

It’s also available at a great price, which is a surprisingly nice finding for almost all of these products. I’m glad to know that a novelty item like a red, white and blue one piece bathing suit that I’m only going to wear on the Fourth of July isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg.

All of this to say: If this is the type of look you’re going for, you won’t be disappointed with this suit in any form or fashion. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking, but I know enough about women and bathing suits to know that choosing one is a highly personal decision. No judgment, no matter what suit you choose, whether one on this page or not.

BrandMaterialShipping Weight
Passionate Adventure
82% Polyester, 18% Elastane
Not available
I described this suit as “classic,” and it’s certainly that. But for me it’s almost too simple. There’s just nothing interesting about it. When I get a one piece, I’m looking for at least 1 small detail that I love — like the red rear lace-up on the PERONA option. This suit just didn’t have that detail for me.

Stripes Could be More Flattering

I mentioned with the PERONA option that the horizontal stripes were nothing to fear. I wouldn’t tell you to be scared of the stripes on this Passionate Adventure, but they aren’t quite as flattering as they could be. If given the option, I would go with a thinner stripe like the one you see on the PERONA one piece.

A Good Cut for Any Figure

While the stripes could be more flattering, this suit does offer a flattering cut. The U is just a little bit lower in the back than the Lashapear option, as is the top front cut. But the bottom cut is forgiving without becoming baggy. In short, this is a suit that’s going to be a good fit for almost any body type.

You Can Wash It!

I’ve almost resigned myself to good bathing suits being hand wash only. This one is ready for the washer, which is a nice surprise. It’s a small thing, and it’s certainly not a make-or-break decision factor. But, if given the option, I’ll take a washer ready suit over the similar alternative.

If you’re looking for something classic and simple, it’s going to be hard to beat this one piece. It’s quality and well cut. While I may not be a fan of how overly simple it seems, it may be just your cup of tea.

Pros and Cons of the Passionate Adventure Pro One Piece Backless Tribal Swimsuit

Pros of the Passionate Adventure Pro One Piece Backless Tribal Swimsuit:

  • You can wash it!
  • Flattering cut for almost any body type
  • Quality construction at a bargain price

Cons of the Passionate Adventure Pro One Piece Backless Tribal Swimsuit:

  • Is the design a little too simple?
  • The stripes could be more forgiving
  • Polyester/elastane blend isn’t quite as comfortable as nylon/spandex options


5. Winday Elegant Retro Inspired Boy-Leg Once Piece

Love them or hate them, 40s-style pin-up girls have a history that is intertwined with that of the United States. And if you want your red, white and blue one piece bathing suit to hearken back to the pin-up period, this might be your best option.

The Winday Elegant Retro Inspired Boy-Leg One Piece is just about as retro as it gets. Some people are searching for retro suits that throwback to the 80s. This one throws way, way back. It’s definitely a unique look, and it’s not going to be for everyone. This suit has its shortcomings, as does any product, but those shortcomings are easy to overlook if this is the retro style that you’ve been searching for.

Also, much like the American flag option from Lashapear, this is a swimsuit that could easily double as a costume or something that you wear for a theme party. It’s versatile in that way, which should be a bonus if you choose it as your best option for a red, white and blue one piece bathing suit.

BrandMaterialShipping Weight
80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
10.6 ounces
When I’m swimming, or even when I’m just hanging out around the pool or beach, I want to feel peak comfort. Maybe that’s why I always prefer more athletic bathing suits. But this one piece doesn’t check that athletic box. It’s not necessarily uncomfortable, but it wasn’t a product I could see myself lounging around in.

Comfortable Material, Flattering Cut

I much prefer the feel of nylon and spandex to other materials, which I discovered while having my marathon try-on sessions with all 7 suits. You’ll like the way this material feels, and you’ll also like the cut. It’s going to flatter almost any figure.

There’s just one hang-up: The fit isn’t quite right, at least for me. The bust was way to big (and uncomfortable, but more on that in a moment), whereas I felt like I could go up a size on bottom. Maybe this suit just isn’t right for my figure, but that was my experience.

A Suit That Feels Heavy

This suit felt heavy to me, like it was substantial and had a lot of stuff to carry around. I much prefer something that feels lighter and athletic, and that’s one of the reasons I chose another option. Maybe this is just part of the tradeoff: If you’re going with a retro look that covers up more, there’s more material to carry around. But for me it was more about the front box and thick halter.

Stiff in the Chest

This is a retro bathing suit, obviously. Is this how they wore them back in the day? I don’t know any other word to describe how the bust felt other than “stiff.” On the Fourth of July, I want to feel exceedingly comfortable in my red, white and blue one piece, and the chest in this one turned out to be a deal-breaker for me.

This is a really unique product. If you’re in the the market for a retro one piece (and I’m not talking 80s retro, I’m talking 40s retro), then it’s going to be hard to beat this one. I wasn’t really interested in something as retro as this, so it wasn’t much of a contender for me.

Pros and Cons of the Winday Elegant Retro Inspired Boy-Leg Once Piece

Pros of the Winday Elegant Retro Inspired Boy-Leg Once Piece:

  • Perfect red, white and blue option for retro style
  • Comfortable nylon/spandex material
  • Will flatter a wide range of figures

Cons of the Winday Elegant Retro Inspired Boy-Leg Once Piece:

  • Hard to get the fit just right
  • Too stiff through the chest
  • Didn’t feel as light as a bathing suit should


Final Thoughts on Finding a Red, White and Blue One Piece Bathing Suit

Hey, I understand that bathing suits are incredibly personal. What’s best for me may not be what you’re looking for at all. You might want the American flag look, which is fantastic, and I’m thrilled that I can make a recommendation.

But this was one instance in which one option really stood out above the others. Keep an eye on the PERONA suit and get you one when it’s back in stock. It’s cute, it’s comfortable, it’s affordable — and it’s unapologetically red, white and blue. It’s the perfect one piece for Independence Day.

What are you wearing this Fourth of July? Let us know in the comments section below, or reach out to us using the Review Bounce contact form.