It’s the one part of our bodies that vexes us most. Our stomachs. We all dream of having 6-pack abs, but there’s something getting in the way — belly fat.

Yeah, yeah, we know we need to diet to lose the pounds. But what exercise burns the most belly fat? What kind of workout can be done each day to accelerate the process of clearing out the cushion and exposing rock-hard abs?

The good news is that you enjoy options. Here’s a look at the options you have when wondering what exercise burns the most belly fat.

The 2 Keys: Sustainability and Consistency

I’m sure I’m not telling you anything new when I say this: There is no magic bullet. It takes time, effort, energy and focus to lose weight, both on the dieting front and also on the exercise front. So, with that in mind, the 2 keys to losing belly fat through exercise are sustainability and consistency.

First, it needs to be something you don’t hate doing. You don’t have to love it. But, if you hate it, it’s not a sustainable exercise routine for you. Find something you can do every day without dreading getting out of bed in the morning, and you’ve fought a significant portion of the battle.

And, second, consistency is so important. Find something that you enjoy, and then do it on a regular schedule. It’s not going to help much if you decide to get into swimming but then swim laps twice one week, zero the next and once the week after that.


Forget the Gimmicks

If you spend any time watching late night television, you’ve no doubt flipped channels and seen a wide range of fast weight-loss gimmicks. These commercials typically include an overly peppy host and a slew of testimonials from buff users (complete with before and after pictures).

Forget this stuff. Like I said a moment ago, there’s no secret bullet. And that’s exactly what these late-night infomercials are selling. Losing weight takes time, effort, energy and focus. You need those 4 things — not the latest gimmick.


The Best Belly Fat-Burning Exercises

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for. But first a warning: If you’re hoping to discover something innovative and new, an exercise you’ve never heard of before, you’re going to be disappointed. Just like time, effort, energy and focus are required for losing weight (there are no silver bullets or shortcuts), tried and true aerobic exercise is the best way to go.

That said, I’ve shared a few tips below that might make it easier for you to get into one of these exercises. Take a look and pick one as your belly fat burner.

1. Walking

This is about the easiest thing you can do. And it doesn’t require anything more than a comfortable pair of shoes.

I like to recommend that people build walking into their existing routines. Do you typically get the parking spot closest to the grocery store’s door? Try parking at the back and walking. Do you typically take the elevator at work? Try climbing the 10 flights of stairs instead. Do you typically drive to a restaurant on your lunch break? Try converting lunch into a power hour during which you walk a few miles and eat on the go.

Walking is powerful if you do enough of it. Take it from Andie Mitchell, who sparked the loss of half her body weight by walking around Europe. Walk and walk and then walk some more. Do it as much as you can every day, and your body will reward you for it by burning through belly fat.

2. Running

Surely you’re not surprised that running helps burn belly fat. It takes a little bit more effort and gear to choose running over walking, but it’s definitely worth it in the belly fat battle.a little bit more effort and gear to choose running over walking, but it’s definitely worth it in the belly fat battle.

But here’s an extra tip: Try running on an incline. Running on inclines has been shown to burn as many as 50% more calories than running on flat surfaces. So, for those of you looking to accelerate the process, an incline awaits.

And a final thought on running: Don’t set out to run 5 miles a day if you haven’t been running regularly. Start small instead. Try doing a mile or two, and don’t be afraid to walk portions if it helps you go farther. Every moment your body is moving is a moment its burning calories — and belly fat.

3. Biking

Biking is just about one of the most fun exercises you can participate in. If you have trails near your home, consider mountain biking to burn calories and belly fat. If you have a bike-able route to work, consider leaving the car in the garage and choosing the two-wheeler for your morning commute.

My only concern with biking is that it can be more of an ordeal. If you find that getting out the bike, pumping up the tires, getting on your gear, etc., is too much to take on, you may be inclined to skip your workout altogether. Also, you may find that you need more space and more time to burn belly fat biking than by walking or running.

One way to build biking into your routine is to get a stationary bike for your living room or den. Set it up, hop on and watch some television like you would on any other night. You’re doing what you would have done anyway, but you’re burning belly fat at the same time — no ordeal at all.

4. Swimming

Swimming is a great idea if you have bad joints, knees or other health and injury challenges. You can definitely burn calories and belly fat in the pool without delivering much impact to your body.

Much like biking, though, it can be hard to get to a venue for swimming and to get into the water. You don’t want your workout to be such a challenge facilitating that you skip it altogether.

5. Machines

This is the option that a lot of people overlook: choose a machine that you enjoy using. A rowing machine is my favorite for burning belly fat, but you can choose an elliptical machine or something similar. The most important thing is that it be some place where you can use it and use it regularly. Remember: There’s no silver bullet or shortcut. You’ve got to put in the work, and you’ll need to spend a ton of hours on a machine to burn the belly fat you want to burn.


What About Crunches?

People love to talk about crunches when they talk about burning belly fat.

And there’s absolutely nothing inherently wrong with crunches. I’ve just found that they aren’t efficient for burning belly fat, for a number of reasons.

First, crunches strengthen your abs, but they do little to burn fat. Second, crunches are hard to do properly, and they are often taxing on the body. And, finally, most people hate doing crunches.

In short, you have better options. Do crunches as a supplement if you like, but choose something aerobic as your primary fat-burning exercise.


Final Thoughts on What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat

Losing belly fat is like laying siege to your body. You need to starve fat by staying away from the foods and drinks that help it build up. And you need to attack fat by hitting it with regular and consistent exercise. This is the best, healthiest way to go about things when you’re wondering what exercise burns the most belly fat.

Do you do another exercise that’s effective in burning belly fat? Let us know in the comments section below, or send us a message through our contact form.