It doesn’t feel like winter has really arrived until it’s time for a fire. A fire is functional in that it delivers extra heat to your living room on cold winter nights. And a fire is aesthetically pleasing, too, in that it makes your home feel like a cozy and comfortable refuge.

Yes, fires are great. But fires need fuel. Are you wondering where to buy firewood this winter? You have several options to choose from. Here’s a look at where to buy firewood this winter, including a few thoughts on which avenue might be best for your unique needs.


1. Use Your Own Wood

There’s nothing like chopping your own firewood. Trees need to be pruned and trimmed on a regular basis, and the easiest thing in the world to do is prune or trim your own trees for the sake of firewood.

Two words of warning on using wood from your own trees. First, you really need dead wood. Any “green” wood isn’t going to burn very well, and you shouldn’t need to prune or trim much green wood anyway. And, second, for spring-blooming trees, you should wait until just after the coldest part of winter to prune and trim. This ensures that your trees come back at their maximum potential in spring.

Of course, you can prune and trim trees in late winter and then leave the wood sitting out all spring, summer and fall. But that would take a lot of foresight — and we need firewood right now, right?


2. Get a Fake Fire Instead

Yes, it’s romantic to think of chopping logs, stacking wood and dragging in kindling for a fire. But that takes a lot of work. Sometimes it’s far easier to create a fake fire and to pass on firewood altogether.

I’ll be honest: That’s what I do. I invested in a gas log fireplace kit that includes everything needed for a fake fire. You get the gas hookup, the grate and the fake logs. You can even array the logs as you see fit.

These kits are far easier to install than I thought when I first got mine. This SureHeat Oak River Burnt Log Gas Set is perfect for quickly getting your fireplace up and going. It includes everything you need except for Teflon tape, which you can get at through any retailer that deals in home improvement supplies. The tape is used to properly seal the gas connection and prevent leakage.

Never worry about firewood again when you get a gas log fireplace kit. Just install it, and then a fire is always moments away when you flip on the gas and light a flame.

Just one word of warning: Measure the inside of your fireplace first. Gas log fireplace kits typically come in either 18- or 24-inch models. You need to measure the inside of your fireplace first. Don’t just eyeball the outside, as that can be misleading. You want to get an actual tape measure to ensure that you’re getting the right size kit for your needs.


3. Order Logs Online

This is going to be your most expensive route when wondering where to buy firewood. But ordering online is just about the most convenient way to do things, and you can ensure you’re getting the right type of wood for good burning.

What type of wood is the right type of wood? When it comes to long, clean burning, you want hardwoods like oak and maple. Softwoods (like pine) don’t tend to burn as long, and they also create a lot more creosote — which can lead to a fire hazard in your chimney.

You can order hardwood bundles straight from Amazon, like this BRC premium firewood bundle. While it’s not cheap, it’s a good way to ensure you’re getting high-quality wood that’s going to burn long and clean. And it’s also incredibly convenient when you find a Prime eligible bundle that can be sitting on your doorstep the next day.


4. Buy a Bundle In-Person

Where I live, there’s a road where people setup up fruit stands in summer and firewood stands in winter. I’ve never bought firewood from them (I use the fake fire approach), so I can’t speak to the experience. But there should be plentiful places to buy firewood in-person where you live.

I also see vendors out in front of hardware stores and even grocery stores after the weather turns. If you really need firewood, you should be able to find it at one of these retailers.


Final Thoughts on Where to Buy Firewood

I’ll be honest: I can’t recommend the gas log fireplace kit enough. This type of setup makes fires in winter so simple and so easy. You don’t have to go searching for firewood when the weather gets cold. You have on-demand fire in your living room throughout the year.

If you’re completely against a fake fire, choose one of the other methods above. If you have trees that need trimming, that’s your best bet. But make sure you’re not pruning or trimming at a time that can be harmful to your trees and their health. The last thing you want to do is kill a tree in order to get some firewood.

Do you have a better source for where to buy firewood? If so, let us know in the comments section below, or send us a direct message through our contact form.